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Supplements: the word speaks for itself

Every horse that demonstrates symptoms of some form of a vital deficiency is an excellent candidate for using a ‘nutraceutical’ supplement. Because we expect exceptional performance from our sports horses in particular, excellent nutrition, coupled with the correct balance of regular supplements, can help them remain in peak condition for longer. Individual supplements are also used effectively to relieve specific conditions – “Calm” for nervous horse just before performance, “Lung-Repair” for lungbleeding, “Gluchonart” for joint recovery after strenuous effort – to name just a few from our extensive range.

Across Europe, the Philhippos range of advanced equine products are used not only for Sports horses, but also for leisure horses. Their needs are different, with underlying problems stemming from hereditary, environmental and sometimes nutritional issues.

So how can you help? There are eighteen Nutraceuticals in the Philhippos range detailed on this website. Click on ‘Our Products’ page to find the ones that best suit your horse...