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A supplement to optimise hoof horn quality, effective for

⁃ brittle horn

⁃ cracking hooves

Dosage: 15 ml daily

Presentation: 1kg

Composition: Biotin, Metionine, Copper and Zinc


A nutritional natural product to promote the regeneration of:

⁃ cartilage

⁃ bone tissue

⁃ fibrous tissue

Dosage: 15ml daily

Presentation: 500 ml

Composition: choline-stabilizes orthosilicic acid


A highly effective anti stress additive which does not affect performance and vitality.

Dosage: 20ml daily or 30gr daily

Presentation: 500ml or 5kg

Composition: L-Tryptophan, Magnesium and herbal ingredients


An excellent formulation for healthy conditioning

⁃ improves body conditioning

⁃ enhances strength and appearance

⁃ improves muscle conditioning

Dosage: 100g daily

Presentation: 5kg

Composition: an advanced, balanced formulation of herbal oils


Digestym effectively supports healthy activity of the digestive tract.

Seek expert advice before use on your horse.

Dosage: 50g daily

Presentation: 1kg

Composition: enzymes and live yeast


An advanced formulation of Gluchonart (page 8) for joints, including analgesic and shock absorbing components as well as highly effective anti-inflammatory and lubricating ingredients.

Dosage: 50g daily

Presentation: 5kg

Composition: glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen type II (not denatured), antioxydants


This formulation is particularly effective for sports horses, giving both anti-inflammatory and lubricating effects on their joints.

Dosage: 50g daily

Presentation: 5kg; 2kg

Composition: glucosamine, chondroitin, antioxydants, prebiotics


Promotes healthy muscles during and following heavy use.

⁃ Gives protection during sports exertion (tying up)

⁃ Helps prevent stiffness

⁃ Aids recovery after injury

Dosage: 20 g daily

Presentation: 2.5kg

Composition: vitamins, DMG, MSM


A food supplement for

⁃ Repairing bone density

⁃ Reconstructing bone structure

⁃ Aiding growth

Dosage: for broadmares 60g daily

for foals 40g daily

for sports horses 50g daily

Presentation: 3 kg

Composition: minerals, Ca/P


Sports horse owners recognise that intensive training and performance stress can often decrease both resistance to disease and the healthy operation of the immune system.

This supplement helps to:

⁃ Stimulate the immune system

⁃ Protect resistance to disease

Dosage: 15g daily

Presentation: 300 g

Composition: includes betalglycans


A competition focussed feed additive used effectively to promote:

⁃ the building of muscles

⁃ the ability to use these muscles

⁃ and increase endurance

Dosage: 15g daily

Presentation: 1 litre

Composition: rice bran oil, herbal oils

Caution: This product may interfere with equestrian Jockey Club and FEI rules.


Competition enhancing product to help

⁃ Prevent lactate formation

⁃ Increase energy levels in muscles

⁃ Aid fast recovery after effort

Dosage: day 1 – 2 days before event 20ml

day 2 – 1 day before event 40ml

day 3 – 4 hours before event 60 ml

Presentation: 120 ml

Composition: vitamins, herbal ingredients, Co Q 10


A highly specialised composite product which relieves lung bleeding following extreme effort. Ideal for high achieving sports horses.

Dosage : 15 ml daily

Presentation : 500 ml

Composition : herbal ingredients


This combination of minerals and vitamins offers excellent performance enhancing properties for vitality and fitness in sports horses.

Dosage : 30 ml daily

60 ml daily for sports horses

Presentation : 2,5 litres

5 litres

Composition : vitamines


Isotonic composition to treat:

- anhydrosis

- dehydration

⁃ electrolytes loss

Dosage: 50 g daily

Presentation: 5 kg

Composition: electrolytes


Increasingly, muscle problems are due to a lack of Vitamin E in sports horses. Muscle repair helps to reduce these risks.

Dosage : 20 g daily

Presentation : 5 kg

Composition : vitamine E, selenium


An additive to help prevent and relieve respiratory difficulties.

Dosage : 25 ml daily

Presentation : 500 ml

Composition : herbal ingredients, essential oils


Additive to relieve the sysmptoms of Sweet Itch:

Contains insect repelling, anti allergic and bloodpuryfying properties

Dosage : 25 g daily

Presentation : 1 kg, 5 kg

Composition : garlic, natural ingredients